Puzzled - screenplay

Author: Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

Genre: Romantic drama with suspense elements 

Language: English

Log line: An asocial young French-English aristocrat must discover that to blossom his 'off-line' love requires him strength and courage to accept himself first.


An asocial young French-English aristocrat, Luke Edward Allen, virtually in love with a well-known journalist from London, Lina Brig, accidentally meets her in person while strolling on the beach in Nice (Cote D’Azure) where she has flown to for Christmas holidays. Unaware of her secret virtual admirer, Lina, takes a snapshot of Luke, as she sees him playing by the sea with his dog, Domino.


Struck by the accidental encounter, Luke tails unsuspecting Lina to her hotel, finding out where she stays but not making his presence known to her. Soon, fate offers Luke another chance to meet Lina, spotted on the deck of a yacht anchored at the bay of St Tropez. Finding out that Lina is to attend a New Year Eve’s party on one of the yachts, Luke sets himself a goal of getting to the same party. Things, however, get complicated, for Luke harbours some secrets that hold him back from opening up to Lina.


The style of the story and the plot, although has a universal appeal, has in mind European audience. However, any other audience will understand it just fine.

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