Souliris productions is an independent company, owned and run by the author and screenwriter, Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova. The company specialises on producing screenplays for feature movies. Currently, the screenplays available are written by Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova.


The uniqueness of the screenplays presented by Souliris productions is in that each of them is viewed and treated as a wholesome story and not a mere blueprint for a movie. A thought and consideration are given to such details as settings, locations and sound that are not just technicalities but symbolic meanings playing an important role in telling the story.

The screenplays presented strive to combine commercial, aesthetic, and art elements to achieve a feeling of the artwork that takes viewers/readers on an emotional journey. What the journey will be, of course, depends on the character of each viewer.

Available screenplays:


'A Tricky Game' screenplay (2018)

'Puzzled' screenplay (2019)

In the pipeline:

'Unknowns' screenplay (winter 2019)

'Mystery of the Stern-looking Man' screenplay (2020)

'Dream A Little Dream' (2020)

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2016-2019 Souliris Productions, Geneva, Switzerland 

email: info@souliris.com